Local Sync

Local Sync is a Catfish Sync feature that allows you to maintain a local synced repository of all the Infigo Variable PDFs for a particular storefront.

If the feature is enabled on Catfish Sync then it will download all the Infigo PDF products to the specified local directory.

It will then continue to poll that directory to check for any changes that have been made to each PDF, if it finds a change then it will automatically upload the updated PDF to the relevant Infigo product on that storefront.


To enable this feature simply apply the following appSettings entry to the CatfishSync.exe.config file:

<add key="LocalSyncLocation" value="C:\CFLocalSync" />

Update the value attribute above with the file path to your specified local directory. This is where Catfish Sync will download all the products to.


  • It is important to note that if you wish to make changes to the downloaded PDFs that you copy them out of the local sync directory first, then make the relevant changes and paste the updated file back in. This way it will stop the file from being uploaded before you have finished making all of your changes.
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