Control the numbers of products displayed on a category page


A category can be home to as many products as you decide to assign to it. This can be anything from 1-500. Obviously in order to make viewing and navigating through these categories of products as manageable as possible we paginate the results, meaning we will display a certain amount on the initial page and then allow users to click through a number of subsequent pages of products within that category until they find the product they are looking for.



The number of products that are displayed on a single page within a category is something that you can control and to modify this you need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Navigate to the Category that you want to amend - Catalogue > Categories > Manage Categories
  2. In the Category Info tab of the relevant category scroll down until you see the setting called 'Page Size'.
  3. Set this value to the count of products you would like to display on a single category page

Example: Setting this number to 9 will allow you to add up to 9 products to that category before we will cut off the rest and add them onto subsequent pages. Once more than 9 products are assigned to that category paging controls will be presented to the user so they can scroll through next and previous pages as well as jumping to a specific page number.


Note: This is a setting that is per Category so you will need to go into each of your categories and configure this to the value you require.

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