How to add a new Sub-Category?



A sub-category is just like any other category other than it is assigned to another category acting as its parent. This means that in order to navigate to that sub-category you must first go through the parent it is assigned to.



Sub-Categories can be added to an existing category. It helps you organize the category details better.

To add a new sub-category, please follow the steps below:


1. On the Catfish Administration page, navigate to Catalogue > Categories > Category List.

The Categories page is displayed. Click on the Add new button.



2. The Add new category page is displayed.



3. Enter the details as mentioned in section How to add a new Category?

Note: Ensure that you select the appropriate parent category from the Parent Category drop-down menu.



4. Click Save.

The sub-category will be added and listed in the category list like seen below:


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