How to add text on images?

With MegaEdit editor you can add text and captions to your images.

To add text,

1. Open the MegaEdit editor as described in section Working with MegaEdit.
    The Editor homepage is displayed.

2. Select the page for which you want to add the text. The Page list option displays the pages.
3. Drag and drop the  option on to the page.
   The text box will be added on the page. For example:

4. With the text box selected, click inside the text box.

    The Text Options window is displayed.


The following table describes the various options customizing text:

Option Description
 Text Options

Helps you with additional text options such as:

  • Fonts
        - Font selection
        - Bold
        - Italics
        - Underline
        - Strikeout
        - Font color
        - Font background color
        - Align left/center/right
  • Arrange
        - Move object forward/backward
        - Move object front/back
  • Manage
         - Delete
         - Duplicate this object
         - Fit text to box
         - Clear formatting
         - Save as default formatting
 Border and Background

Helps you with options for adding border and change background color.

  • Border Options

           - None
           - Solid
           - Outline
           - Distance

For each of the border options, you can set the Width, Radius, and Stroke.

  • Apply Background color

            - Opacity


Helps you with options to add shadow effects for the images.

  • Shadows On/Off

            - Offset X
            - Offset Y
            - Blur
            - Transparency

  • Color picker

5. Enter the text or caption in the text box.

You can add the same text to multiple pages by copying the text box object and placing it on other pages.

The changes are auto saved in the editor.


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