Integrating with Instagram

To setup integration with Instagram and allow customers to select and use pictures from their Instagram accounts you need to first have an Instagram account that you will use to create and manage the application.

If you do not have an account or want to create one specifically for managing your Instagram app then you need to download the app from the App store onto your smartphone. Alternatively, if you already have an account then you can login here:


Once logged in, navigate to here:

To create your Instagram application follow these steps:

  1. Click on Manage Clients
  2. Then Click the 'Register a New Client' button at the top
  3. Complete all the fields in the form 
    • Application Name - Give your app a meaningful name (This is used just for a reference as this text will not actually appear anywhere)
    • Description - Just a brief description on what the purpose of the app
    • Website - This should be the URL of the site that the application will be interacting with (e.g.
    • OAuth redirect_uri - This is the URL that Instagram will send the customer back to once a confirmed connection has been made. This is very important and you must use the following path: Use the same domain you entered for the Website URL but paste this path afterwards: /Catfish.Web/Scripts/ME2k/js/imageHandler/plugins/additionalHandlers/instagram.html (e.g.
  4. Uncheck the two checkboxes
  5. Complete the Captcha form and click 'Register'
  6. Now you have created the application it will provide you with a Client ID and Client Secret. You need to take the Client ID and use it to configure the plugin in Catfish Admin here: Catfish > Media > Media Album Settings : under Installed Image Plugins check the Instagram checkbox and paste in the Client ID into the corresponding text box.

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