Using the MegaEdit Editor

MegaEdit’s web to print feature offers an intuitive built-in editor to customize your printing needs. The editor is user-friendly, simple, and easy to use.

The following figure illustrates the various features available in the editor.


Option Description
The Main Canvas area helps you drag and drop images and edit the front/back and other pages of your phonebook or photo gifts.

This section helps you:

This section helps you:

This section helps you:

  • mceclip7.png- Open the editor in fullscreen mode
  • mceclip8.png- Zoom in /Zoom out page view.
  • mceclip10.png- Reset the zoom to default setting.
  • mceclip11.png- Navigate between left and right pages.
  • mceclip6.png- Preview the product in a new window as photobook pages.

This section shows the list of pages that will be included in the photobook or photo gifts.

mceclip14.png - add a new page to your product

This section helps you:

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