Email reminder for unapproved jobs

Infigo Academy: Email accounts and message templates


With Infigo, you are able to switch on email reminders for jobs that are awaiting approval. 

These are the steps you must take in order to do so:

  • In Infigo Admin, navigate to: Content Management > Email Message Templates
  • Find 'Approval Workflow Submitted Reminder' and click 'Edit'
  • Find and check the box 'Is active' (highlighted below) then click 'Save'. This is also the page which allows you to customise the template to suit your needs.


  • In Infigo Admin navigate to: Configuration > Settings > Approval Workflow Settings
  • Find 'SendReminderEmailAfterXDays' and set the number to however many days you wish to have as a delay before sending the reminder email.

Please note: You must have the message template activated prior to setting the ‘SendReminderEmailAfterXDays’ 

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