PostCoder - a Postcode lookup tool

This allows you to have a postcode lookup tool in your data entry form that will pull in the address based on the postcode entered.

  • The following address items must be present (and only these are supported)
  • AddressLine1
  • AddressLine2
  • Town
  • PostCode
  • The above 4 elements must be on the same page or all globals in the global editor form
  • Each of the 4 elements (fields or variables) must have two properties (type text)
  • PostCoderType -> one of the items above "AddressLine1", "AddressLine2", "Town", "PostCode"
  • PostCoderName -> a unique name of the post coder group starting with a letter - e.g. "One" or "Recipient”


It is important that those conditions are met. Also I would suggest create those properties as predefined items. PostCoder of a set with 5 values (the 4 above and empty for no postcoder field) and the PostCoderName as a normal text property of type enumeration (so that you can easily select previous values).

The post coder name means this supports multiple address fields on a single page. E.g. for sender and recipient. You would have two post coder fields then in this situations.



Please note: in order to use this option, you must register with PostCoder Web

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