Editor data entry form improvements BETA

How to:
1) Create a custom data category
– Login as an Administrator and then navigate to Catfish > Other > Custom Data
– Create a new category, optionally specify the url to elastic search here (alternatively, one can setup a url in Infigosettings which is valid for every category)
- Click edit on the category
- Upload any CSV file there

one can upload multiple batches (but not update any entries, they will create a new instance), delete individual entries, clear the whole index, review all entries here.
– optionally specify a department this category is linked to (then click save)

2) Link this category
There are two ways to apply this:

a) Edit an Infigo Product in the administration area, select a category in the drop down and save
b) Enable the "UseGenericCustomDataBasedOnCustomer" under Catfish > Infigo Variable Data > Infigo Setting

In InfigoSettings, you can also control the max number of search results returned.

3) Use it, when you have linked a category and your user matches the optional department restriction, the custom category will be used automatically.

Simply type in a field supported by the custom data and a popup will show all possible options. Clicking an option does populate all fields.
You can type and search in all fields, name, address, reference number - it does not matter.

Only requirement: the field/variable name must match 1:1 the CSV file header

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