Downloading signed off yearbooks

When setting up a yearbook using the Yearbook Module you have the option of how a yearbook should be finalised by the ordering school.


None - Results in the file being available as soon as the book is signed off by the Editor(s) as complete

Students only - Allows students to order the completed book as a standard product in the E-commerce storefront

Editors only - Restricts ordering to just Editors. The Editors would need to purchase all yearbooks at once using a standard e-commerce flow

All - Means both Students and Editors can place orders.


Using Students Only / Editors Only / All pushes ordered products directly through to the Print Operations workflow as these are standard orders. More details here

However, selecting None will not notify anyone of the completion of the book. This is for schools who communicate directly to the printer and can arrange sign off and cost upfront or over the telephone.


Once the Yearbook has been completed and signed off by the Editor, the file is fully built as a background task.

The printer can then log into the Storefront as an administrator.

Choose Catfish -> Infigo Variable Data -> Static PDF products


The list shows all yearbooks available to download (completed)

These are organised using the name assigned to the yearbook when it was setup (see image above)

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