Adding registration details to the notification emails

When a customer registers on a Catfish Storefront they fill out a form.

The fields of the form they fill out is driven by the tick boxes enabled in the Admin -> Configuration -> Settings -> Customer Settings

Having registered on the site, the customers details can be viewed on the Admin -> Customer -> Customers screen


Some of these details can be added to the email notification when a customer places an order (either to the Administrator or to confirm to the customer)

To amend this visit Admin -> Content Manager -> Message Templates

Select one of the notifications you wish to add this to (OrderPlaced.CustomerNotification / OrderPlaced.StoreOwnerNotification)

The following tags are available to populate within the email (relating to the registration)











To populate address details, you can reference either the Billing or Delivery address captured at checkout using

%Order.BillingCompany%, %Order.BillingAddress1%, %Order.BillingAddress2%, %Order.BillingCity%, %Order.BillingStateProvince%, %Order.BillingZipPostalCode%, %Order.BillingCountry%


%Order.ShippingCompany%, %Order.ShippingAddress1%, %Order.ShippingAddress2%, %Order.ShippingCity%, %Order.ShippingStateProvince%, %Order.ShippingZipPostalCode%, %Order.ShippingCountry%

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