Managing Tax, Tax Settings, Tax Rate & VAT in Infigo

Tax levels are managed through Infigo globally at a Platform level. This allows you to update a rate for all Storefronts at once.

To make a change to the Tax name, or rate, login to the Platform as a Platform Administrator.

At the Storefront chooser, select your Platform.

Select Configuration > Tax > Tax Categories


Your Tax Categories are the different bands of Tax that can be applied to products. Adjust the predefined bands, or setup your own new ones within this screen.


Once you have created your Tax Categories, choose Configuration > Tax > Tax Providers

Tax Providers are ways in which you can cost Tax for each of your Tax Categories.

Generally the Fixed Tax Rate provider suits most needs. Click Configure and apply a percentage of tax for each of your Tax Categories.

Once you have finished configuring your tax categories and providers, switch back to Storefront Admin to set further tax configurations on a per-storefront basis.


Applying VAT to Products and Product Groups

Since both Products and Product Groups are treated as a single entity, the process for applying tax is the same, just on different site pages:

For Groups go to Catalog > Products > Product Groups > [Your group] Edit and you will see the following:


Once you have made your changes make sure to SAVE your configuration.

The options available are the rates configured from Configuration > Tax > Tax Categories

For Products go to Catalog > Products > Product Management > Edit > Product Variant Tab > Edit and you can scroll down to the following section:


Once you have made your changes make sure to SAVE your configuration


Applying VAT to Delivery

To enable the TAX on delivery follow these steps:

Configuration > Settings > Tax Settings. Locate "Delivery Is Taxable" or "Shipping is Taxable" and tick it. From the screenshot below you can see the tax categories are the same as the ones used for Products and Groups.

You can also set the site to include tax in the configured delivery price.



Calculation & Settings

Once all tax calculations have been setup Configuration > Tax > Tax Providers/Tax Categories

and applied to products, go to Configuration > Settings > Tax Settings.

Infigo allows you to setup the Tax calculations individually for each Storefront:mceclip1.png

All settings here will adjust the way prices appear on the site, and in the order breakdown through the checkout process. See below for a description of each setting:

Prices include tax: A value indicating whether entered prices include tax.
Allow customers to select tax display type: A value indicating whether customers are allowed to select tax display type.
Display tax suffix: A value indicating whether to display tax suffix (incl tax/excl tax).
Display all applied tax rates: A value indicating whether each tax rate should be displayed on a separate line (shopping basket page). 
Hide zero tax: A value indicating whether to hide zero tax in order summary. 
Hide tax in order summary: A value indicating whether to hide tax in order summary when prices are shown tax inclusive.
Tax based on: Includes a drop-down for selection between default, shipping and billing addresses.

Default tax address: Your address used to calculate tax.

Hide Address From Customer: A value that includes or excludes the customer from viewing your Default tax address.
Delivery is taxable: A value indicating whether delivery is taxable.
Delivery price includes tax: A value indicating whether delivery price includes tax.

Payment method additional fee is taxable:  A value indicating whether payment method additional fee is taxable.
EU VAT enabled: Check to enable EU VAT (the European Union Value Added Tax)

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