Downloadable PDF files once order is paid for

Customers can request and download low resolution / watermarked versions of PDF files during the editing process. However, once purchased, Catfish offers the functionality for the customer to download the print ready file from their My Account page.

To enable this option, Login as Administrator

Choose Catalog -> Products -> Manage Products

Locate the product you want to allow for download after order.

Click Edit against the product, and then click the Product Variant Tab. Finally click edit against the product variant.

Locate the check box Downloadable Product and enable this functionality. This will provide more options


Ensure the Download Activation Type is set to When Order Is Paid and save the product.

Download Type:

There are 4 settings within Download Type which define how the downloadable PDF should be

Normal: Customers can download the PDF in full resolution + not locked.
Low Res: Customers can download the PDF in low resolution + not locked.

Print Locked: Customers can download the PDF in full resolution + locked.
Low Res & Print Locked: Customers can download the PDF in low resolution + locked.

Enabling this on any product on the storefront will enable a Downloadable Products section within My Account.


Any order that meets the download criteria specified above will appear here for user download.

NB The file that is downloaded here is the fully populated, ready to print file that also appears in Print Operations

Any file marked as Downloadable is not automatically copied to HotFolders within Print Operations unless the Download And Print option has been checked


If the Downloadable products tab does not show in the My Account page, visit:

Admin -> Configuration -> Settings -> Customer Settings

You will see a switch to hide the downloads menu. Untick this and save the changes to allow file downloads.




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