Creating a batch merge job

Catfish allows you to upload csv files against products within the editor in order to mail merge, order multiple instances or batch market items.

When uploading a variable PDF to the system in Administration -> Catfish -> Infigo Variable Data -> Manage Infigo Products

Upload your Infigo PDF File and choose Both from the drop down labelled Mode. This switches on the ability to upload a CSV file to you productScreen_Shot_2013-05-10_at_12.46.56.png

More information on these can be found here

When you come to ordering a product you will notice a new link at the top of the Editor. Batch allows you to begin merging a CSV file to the PDF template.



Upload your CSV data file. The columns in the data source are irrelevant, however creating column names that match your templates Field names will help automatically map the fields to columns.

The Mapping screen allows you to configure which field links to which column.

By Ticking the checkbox and assigning a static value, you can input a constant across all entries.

You can also preview based on longest or shortest values of any specific field.


After confirmation of the CSV mapping, you are presented with a preview of the first 5 records of data.


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