Hiding pre mapped fields in the editor when not required (batch merge)

When a template requires a mixture of Batch upload and Single page setup it can be beneficial to hide fields not required in these steps.

This functionality depends specifically on the Infigo Designer Property: MappingColumnName


MappingColumnName allows you to identify exactly what column of an uploaded CSV file matches the field/variable in question

These fields are not always required within the Single Product editor (only batch)

To hide mapped fields, navigate to the PDF upload screen for your product (Catfish -> Infigo Variable Data -> Manage Infigo Products)

Locate the file you want to hide these fields on and Edit it.

Choose Editor Settings tab at the top of the upload control screen.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 09.39.15.png

Check the box: HidePremappedFieldsinSingleEditor

Conversely, you may wish to hide non-mapped fields when the time comes to batch merge a data set. To do this, check the other box in the same place: HideNonPremappedFieldsinBatchEditor

*If you dont have this property value in your list then you will need to add it as a new property*

Click on Add button under the field property setup


Add the info as seen above and use the property in "text fields" when asked to confirm.

The Property should now be added to the predefined property list.


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