Multiple versions of the same product discount

Catfish allows you to setup discount bands that reduce the cost of products added to the basket based on the number of separate jobs that are the same product with the same quantity chosen when in the basket.

This is great for reduced priced business cards as customers order more cards for more names, the price reduces as the imposition reduces wastage. 

Setting up the discount

Choose Admin -> Promotions -> Discounts

Choose to Create a New Discount (top right)

Give the Discount a name that is relevant (maybe include the product you are applying it to for your own reference)

From the drop down choose "Assigned To Product Variants Directly"

Choose whether you want to discount a static cost or a percentage of the price.


It is unlikely you will assign a coupon code to this discount, as you will want the customer to receive it automatically.


Click Save and Continue


Click REQUIREMENTS tab at the top

From the drop down choose "Customer has multiple line items of the same quantity discount"

Set your line item limits (min / max number of items that must be in the basket to qualify)

Save the requirements


NOTE If you wish to have multiple tiers of discount you will need to carry out the above steps several times to create the various different percentage discounts.


Apply the discount to a product

Choose Admin-> Catalog -> Products -> Manage Products

Locate the product you want to apply these discounts to from the list.

Choose Edit

Click Product Variants tab at the top and Edit the product variant

Choose the Discount tab at the top

You will see all discounts setup as above with their names (this is where naming them is important)

Tick the discounts that apply to this item and save.


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