Setting up batch merge pricing

Catfish allows the upload of a .CSV file to populate multiple revisions of a variable data document.

To specify a product has batch mode available navigate to

Catfish -> Infigo Variable Data -> Manage Infigo Products

Edit an existing product, or create a new PDF based product.


The Mode option defaults to Standard. This means a user can process only one revision of the design. CSV files are not accepted.

Choose Batch (for only allowing batch functionality) or Both (for allowing either Single or Batch) at the users discretion. (batch button top right corner below)



Price per record appears below when using a mode that allows Batch.

This will assign a cost to each row of the CSV file uploaded.

You can tick the box Use batch tier pricing in order to setup prices which step down as the number of records of the CSV increases.

Extra Information

By setting the price of the product variant normally, you can enforce a setup charge on the product which remains fixed, and the batch pricing adds on based on row count

Batch pricing does not support Quantity pricing setup. It will only function correctly against Item based pricing

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