Changing Storefront Text - Language Strings

Infigo allows you to customise most text labels and content within each storefront.


1. To change storefront text login as a storefront administrator 

2. Go to Configuration > Settings > Languages



3. Click the View String Resources button on the published language string that you'd like to amend. 



4. Use the filter funnel icon at the top of the Value column - the Value column is the easiest way to search for the wording / text that you'd like to change. For example searching "address" using the filter "show value that contains..."


5. Click on Filter at the bottom to return your search results.

6. You should only use the RESOURCE NAME column to identify if this value is the correct instance (the resource name normally contains page names that the value appears on, and a little more info). Never change the resource name, this will break links on your storefront.

7. Click Edit, and adjust the VALUE column only. Save the changes you make by clicking Update. 



8. These changes will appear instantly.

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