Launching your W2P Storefront for Live


You have spent time on your new web-to-print platform, tweaking and changing products, and you are ready to go live. We highly advise you go through this list to ensure you have all bases covered before your site goes live. 

Step through the following points, ensure the site functions as you would expect:


Customer Requirements

1.      What kind of access will end-users have to the site?

  1. Is the site login only? i.e. closed storefront
  2. Is the site open to all but login required for purchases?
  3. Is the site open to all and guests allowed to purchase?
    1. There are four registration methods to gain access found in Configuration > Settings > Customer Settings > Registration:
      1. Standard – user simply registers and can access the site with no further action
      2. Disabled – the site can be logged in via SSO (SAML is supported, this is not supported with CAS) or the admin gives access directly (B2B usually use this)
      3. Email Validation – the user signs up and gets an email confirmation, they need to click the link in the email to activate the account
      4. Admin Approval – the user signs up and an administrator will approve or reject the account
  4. You can also manually add customers

2.      Will users be assigned to departments?

  1. Departments are a tool in Infigo to group customers together. Departments can allow for the following:
    1. Shared Address Books per department
    2. Department Relationships (User A is part of Business Department, and so is User B, however User C is part of Accounting and cannot interact with the Business Department)
    3. Specific access to certain parts of the site otherwise inaccessible to other departments
      1. These are access permissions. You can restrict users who are part of the Business Department to only products/categories in the site that are assigned to the Business Department. Otherwise you can have no access permissions and ALL users will have access to everything.

3.      Will there be approval workflow?

  1. Approval workflow is simple, there is an approver and an approvee.
    1. The approver will be assigned to one or more end users. End users can have a max of (3) approvers assigned to them.
    2. Approvers and approvee's must belong to the same department (if the site is set to department relationships)
  • This allows for approvers to approve of orders to a user they are assigned to. They can also reject an order if needed. End users are then notified that the order either 1) is approved or 2) is rejected

You can also have it setup to be that every approver can approve a job, this means they do not have to be assigned to user, and must only have the Approver Role.

To read more about workflow approval please check out this article. 


Product Requirements

  1. You need to first create a product, then you can assign it a type or leave it as a NOP. 
  2. There are different product types available in Infigo, they are Static, Infigo Variable (PDF Variable Templates), Dynamic (MegaEdit Editor), and MultiPart (uploadable PDF)
  3. You can also change the appearance of the landing pages in this article: ‘Landing Page Template

1. Product Groups

Product groups allow the admin to group similar products together that share the same price and attributes. This can save considerable time when setting up the storefront. To create a group, go to Catalogue > Products > Product Groups. Press Add New. Everything that a product variant can do a product group can do. Please see this article on Product Variants


Product Organisation

What categories are products going to be a part of?

  1. When the user enters the site, what is the first touch-point they should be interacting with? Are there going to be a list of products on the landing page? Will there be categories they can directly access that have product within them?
  2. For example, there is a ‘Business’ Category. The user selects ‘Business’ and then is shown ‘Stationary’, ‘Letterheads’ and ‘Business Card’. Each sub category can then have their own products. Each sub category can then also have another category within. So, in ‘Business Card’ there can be ‘Licensed Business Cards’ and ‘Unlicensed Business Cards’.

The hierarchical structure would look like this:


Connect Plugins

Are you using any Connect Plugins? 

The following are supported:

Connect Plugins are found in Configuration > Plugins > Connect Plugins

*If you have any queries about our direct integrations, please raise a support ticket. 



1. Are you using SSL on your site? Please visit this article on setting up SSL

2. Do you want your domain name pointing to the Infigo Platform?



1. Are all emails working as you would want?

Infigo Sync and Hotfolders

1. Have you setup your print environment as you need it?

Job Tickets, Invoices, and Packing Slips

  1. Do you have these configured to match the style of your storefront?
  2. You can create your own job ticket, invoice, and packing slip.



1. How are your customers going to pay for their products?

  1. You can control the available payment methods. 
  2. We also have SagePay and PayPal



1. Are you charging tax on your storefront?

   1. Please visit this article on managing your tax settings



1. Do you have delivery methods available for your users to select on checkout?

  1. We offer weight based shipping
  2. We also offer integrations with EasyPost
  3. Other options we have include the following
    • Australia Post
    • Canada Post
    • FedEx
    • Fixed Rate Shipping
    • Gophr
    • (UPS) United Parcel Service
    • USPS US Postal Service
    • Shipping via custom scripting


Other Important Tasks before Launch

  • Order of all products from start to finish.
  • Print test each one to ensure the output is exactly how you intend and expect.
  • What is you own internal support process for clients
    • Does your site clearly state your terms and conditions?
    • Do you publish a contact form or number for support if customers have any problems?
    • An FAQ page may help diffuse simple queries early on and prevent unnecessary support call
  • The site is checked thoroughly for text spelling and grammar
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