Go Live Checklist


You have spent time on your new web to print platform, tweaking and changing products, and you are ready to go live. We always advise a full checklist to ensure that there are no nasty surprises when it comes to launching

Step through the following points, ensure the site functions as you would expect:

  • Order of all products from start to finish.
    • Print test each one to ensure the output is exactly how you intend and expect.
  • Are all emails working as you would want.
    • Are emails sending when you would expect them?
    • Are you receiving order notifications when an order is placed to the correct email?
    • When the status changes to shipped, does the system notify again?
    • Do the emails contain the data you wish to share with your end user?
    • Are the emails skinned to match the rest of your Platform / Storefront?
  • What is you own internal support process for clients
    • Does your site clearly state your terms and conditions?
    • Do you publish a contact form or number for support if customers have any problems?
    • An FAQ page may help diffuse simple queries early on and prevent unnecessary support calls
  • All customisable menu items for the site are complete
    • Menu headings, and their links all link through as required
    • Sub menus and products are all updated within the menu tree
  • Have you setup your print environment as you need it.
    • Hotfolders
    • Catfish Sync
    • Mapping files based on attributes and categories (if necessary)
  • Job tickets, Invoices and Packing slips are all customised to match the Storefront and your output requirements.
  • Payment gateways setup and charging as expected
    • All test payments are made and the payment gateway has been switched to use 'live' mode
  • The site is checked thoroughly for text spelling and grammar
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