Creating new Storefronts

A Storefront depicts a new site for a business to access only their products.

To setup a new Storefront:

First you need to log-in as Platform Administrator ( Your PA account), choose Platform from the list of your storefronts.

Then go to Catfish -> Portal Account Management -> Manage Portals and Accounts

Expand the portal name using the arrow icon on the left.

Click "Add New Record" Give the storefront a name and description which you will find useful, then Click Insert.

You will see the new account in the grid.

Click the arrow icon next to the Storefront name you just created (left side)

Add a new record. What you type here which is the "URL Alias" will be your Storefront URL. for instance; if mystore will bee the URL alias of your storefront, you can access it via

This should be a text string (no spaces) and should contain no symbols and it shouldn't be in capital either.

Save the changes. Your new storefront will now be in the list to edit.

Once the storefront is created click on "Clear Account Cache" button. 


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