Catfish Platform/Storefront Hierachy

When you become a Catfish customer you purchase a Platform from ISL.

A Platform, in its most basic terms is a URL that will act as your access into your Catfish system.

A Platform is controlled by a Platform Administrator account whose login will be provided for you on sign up to Catfish.

An example of a Platform is

Note: We initially provide all customers with a starter sub-domain of our second-level domain, i.e., where platformname is the sub-domain.  To use your own custom domain (e.g. then please contact support via the helpdesk

For a more general explanation of sub-domains and domains please see this article 


A Storefront is any separate, end business using the system. All Storefronts are created on the Platform by a Platform Administrator.

A Storefront name is appended to the end of the Platform URL with a '/' to control which Storefront a customer accesses and the branding of their store.

An example of a Storefront created at the above Platform would be

In this example "demostore" holds all Theme, Layout, Products and Customers for only this Storefront.


A Platform Administrator can create new Storefronts for each business they deal with*. Once a Storefront is created, the Platform Administrator can create users within the new Storefront to browse products / administer just this Storefront.

We advise all users to administer Storefronts using a Storefront Administrator, not a Platform Administrator account to avoid any confusion.

To setup a new storefront, please follow this link


*Maximum number of Storefronts restricted by license

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