Creating Categories

Categories help to categorize products into browsable groups for customers visiting the Storefront.

Without Categories, it is difficult to locate products on the site.


Login as your Administrator Account to the Storefront you wish to add a Category to.

Choose Catalog -> Categories -> List



A list of all existing Categories at this Storefront will show.

Where two Categories are separated with >> symbols depicts a Subcategory

The Display Order column shows which Category should appear in what order on the site. A 0 is generally considered top of the list. The higher the number, the lower the placement in the list. If all Display Order values are 0 (default) then the Categories will appear in the list in the order in which they were created.


Adding a Category

Choose Add New from the top right of the Category List screen.

The Category Name is the text a customer sees on the Storefront

Adding a description can act as text to explain the Category to the customer or a place to upload a Category banner as an identifier of where the customer has navigated to.

The Image upload area allows you to create a Category Button, clickable when the Category is populated on the home page or if it shows as a SubCategory.

Clicking Save stores your progress.



Creating a SubCategory

To add a SubCategory to an already made Category, click Add New from the Category List page.

Create the Category name and description as required.

Select the Parent Category from the drop down on the page. This drop down list populates with all existing Categories from the Storefront.

NB You must have created the top level Category to do this.

 If you need to reorder your categories and change the parent or child categories and you don't wish to go to each category and modify the levels. go to Catalog -> Categories -> Tree List, you can then change the orders of each category by dragging them up or down or by dropping them onto a category to make it a child category.Screen_Shot_2013-10-23_at_08.19.08.png



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