What's New in Infigo : November 2023


November was an exceptionally busy month for new features and updates within the Infigo software. We're excited to have a lot of things to show you, covering all corners of the software.

Read on to learn more about last month's exciting news, or take a look at our summary video for a quick snapshot.




Infigo Invent 2.4.1 now available

Quick ordering

Approval Workflow - Advanced requirement rules

New PayPal plugin

Teaser page enhancements

Units and Packs features

Module enhancements in Content Templates

New fee specification options

FOTM | Infigo's lesser known capabilities!

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Best of the rest

Bug fixes and general improvements


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Infigo Invent 2.4.1 now available

A couple of weeks ago, we were thrilled to announce the release of our latest major Infigo Invent version, 2.4.1.

This release contained some game-changing new features, including:

  • Exporting templates with spreads
  • Batch mode

You can find out all the details and download the new plugin, here!


Quick ordering

A new quick ordering feature has been introduced, allowing your users to add multiple different Products to their basket in one simple operation, from your Category pages.

Take a look at the tutorial below for guidance on how to use this new feature:




Approval Workflow | Advanced Requirement Rules - Now available for everyone!

We are happy to announce that the incredibly powerful Advanced Requirement Rules, for Approval Workflows, has now been made available to all Infigo users.

Need a reminder of what this is and how it can help you? Take a look at the tutorial below.



A new PayPal plugin from Infigo

PayPal Logo

We are pleased to introduce a new PayPal plugin, utilising the latest API updates from PayPal.

This new plugin offers a range of enhanced features, including:

  • Extensive webhook events to process external PayPal operations, such as refund, capture and void.
  • Payment authorisation
  • Re-authorisation of expired payments
  • Voiding and capturing authorised payments
  • Refunding captured payments
  • Logging events to Infigo's order notes for this order

The configuration page of the PayPal plugin (found within the Payment Methods screen) provides detailed instructions on how to link your PayPal and Infigo systems.


Please note: Whilst this is eventually intended to replace the existing PayPal plugins offered by Infigo, it will initially be an additional available payment plugin. You can identify this new plugin on the Payment Methods screen. The new plugin is simply labelled PayPal, with the system name labelled as Payments.PayPalRest.



Teaser page enhancements

Our teaser pages are what you will see of Infigo products before going to the details page itself. Such as, for example, the tile you will see for each product on the category page. This month saw several enhancements to these pages.


Inventory information on teaser pages

We've enhanced the ability to display inventory and stock information, with this information able to be displayed on both the product landing pages and the teaser pages.

Enable the teaser page feature using the checkbox: Catalogue settings > Show stock on catalogue pages.

In addition, inventory tracking should be enabled as normal for individual products or groups, using the Product Variant options.


MIS stock handling on teaser pages

We are pleased to introduce a feature allowing live stock levels to be displayed on teaser pages, with information drawn from your connected MIS.

Please note: Please be aware that enabling this feature may lead to slightly slower loading times due to an increase in server calls to your MIS. Consider your website's performance needs and user experience before enabling this setting.

Activate this feature using the checkbox: Connect Settings > Stock handling on teaser pages



MIS live pricing on teaser pages

An additional feature has been activated allowing live pricing information to be displayed on your teaser pages, with information drawn from your connected MIS.

Please note: Please be aware that enabling this feature may lead to slightly slower loading times due to increased server calls to your MIS. Consider your website's performance needs and user experience before enabling this setting.

Loading information and graphics will be displayed to the user during data retrieval, for an improved end user experience.

Activate this feature using the checkbox: Connect Settings > Price handling on teaser pages



Quantity on teaser pages

As demonstrated as part of the quick ordering (above), we have added the ability to display and modify quantities of a product on the teaser pages.

Activate this setting in: Catalogue settings > Show quantity selector in catalogue pages


Pre-defined default quantity

We have allowed administrators to specify a predefined quantity of a product to be added to cart. Customers are able to modify this value, however will initially be shown the specified default basket quantity.

The setting to activate this can be found in: Product Variant settings > Info tab > Inventory section > Default Basket Quantity


This feature is also utilised in other areas of Infigo, such as product landing pages and when forming Kit products.


Quantity based pricing support

We've made further enhancements to the teaser pages, with support also available for quantity based pricing to be utilised.

When pricing for a product is set to be quantity based, and setting to show quantity on teaser pages is active, users will see a selectable drop down of available quantities. These can then directly be added to basket.


Units & Packs features

We have implemented the ability to specify products for purchase either as individual units or as packs.

Take a look at the tutorial below for more information:



Module enhancements in Content Templates

Customers can now effortlessly create custom module templates in a similar way to custom Content Templates, and seamlessly integrate them into existing templates (e.g., within an accordion or as content within columns). This enhancement allows users to extend templates without modifying the core structure, providing flexibility without complexity.

A new table appears when a custom template is marked as a Module, showcasing all existing storefront template fields. Users can easily map template modules, and new relations follow predefined parameters for a controlled extension.

Take a look at the video below for a basic demonstration of this functionality. You can also find additional tutorials on the creation of custom Content Templates, here.



Handling and processing fee specifications

We have introduced the ability to specify additional fees on orders, orderlines or products. Take a look at the tutorial below for more information and guidance on how to configure this.



Feature(s) of the month | Infigo's lesser known capabilities!

Infigo is a vast software, containing many smaller features which don't get the attention they deserve. We want to dedicate our FOTM section this month to some of those lesser known features, which might give your site that extra edge you've been looking for.

Take a look below at a selection of some of these lesser known features within Infigo, chosen from all corners of our software.

We'll be discussing these in December's Academy webinar. You can sign up today!



Create voucher codes, apply global discounts, grant product specific savings and much, much more. Infigo's discount functionality covers a vast arrange of scenarios and keeps you in control of their usage. Find out more, here.



Keep your B2C site relevant with frequent blog posts. Infigo contains comprehensive blog capabilities allowing you to easily create and display your fresh content. Find out more, here.


Message Queue

Need to keep track of the outgoing emails from your Infigo system? We have a page for that. Check out the Message Queue for information on all emails sent from your Infigo system. This area also let's you modify email content (prior to being sent), re-trigger sending, and more.


Address Books

A recent feature within Infigo that's definitely worth shouting about.

Address Books is a comprehensive feature designed to efficiently manage a large number of addresses on your Storefronts. This feature allows administrators to create and assign Address Books to Customers, Customer Roles, and Departments. Addresses in these Address Books can be used during the checkout process. It offers enhanced control and flexibility over address management.

There are additional tutorials here if you would like further details.



Saving time with Infigo

Our last 'lesser known feature' actually covers a range of helpful settings. Infigo is a vast software with hundreds of potential settings. Buried within those settings are loads of great features aimed at saving you little bits of time, eventually adding up to a whole lot of time.

Some of these time-saving features include:

  • Setting default MegaEdit product settings
  • Modifying your catalogue on-mass with the Excel export tool
  • Align Product technical settings with Product Groups
  • Pre-defining reusable attribute values
  • Duplicating products and categories on your Storefront
  • Clearing data on-mass when going live

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Infigo Academy webinar | Lesser known features within Infigo

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The best of the rest

Additional Stripe webhook support

Additional support has been added in our Stripe plugin for two new webhooks, which grant us the ability to get late notifications from Stripe. This is needed for BACS and SEPA payments.

The two new webhooks are:

  • checkout.session.async_payment_failed


API | Batch mode added for certain calls

This upgraded feature aims to alleviate system performance issues caused by frequent updates of a high number of products in a storefront via the API.

It introduces a controller for background processing of jobs, with GET and POST endpoints. A new scheduled task handles sequential job processing, ensuring at least one delivery per job.

The logic involves executing job items and notifying call-backs, with a clean-up action removing older processed jobs.


Key Points:

  1. Problem Addressed:
    • Frequent updates of high number of products in a storefront, via the API, causing performance issues.
  2. New Feature Components:
    • BatchController: Supports enqueuing jobs and retrieving job status.
    • Scheduled Task: Processes jobs sequentially, ensuring at least one delivery.
  3. Endpoints:
    • GET Endpoint: Retrieves job status based on BatchId.
    • POST Endpoint: Enqueues jobs for background processing, supporting different job types in a single request.
    • Two types of endpoint are supported:
      • JSON request
      • Hybrid requests, where JSON and CSV files can be added. These are capable of processes much larger amounts of data.


Removal of enforced attribute selection for attribute combination creation

A small update has been made, eliminating the enforcement of attribute selections when creating an attribute combination.

This impacts situations where only some of the attributes on a product are required to create a specific attribute combination. Previously, the system would force values to be supplied for all attributes, which is not necessarily required.


Option for low resolution downloads in MegaEdit

We have introduced a new option providing the ability to specify whether PDF downloads from MegaEdit are of output quality or of a lower resolution.

These options can be set on a product-by-product basis, within a MegaEdit product's Options screen. Locate this option at: MegaEdit editor > Menu > Product Options > Additional Download Support > PDF Quality

Additionally, this can be specified globally for all MegaEdit products, applicable for all products created from this point forwards. This change will not apply retrospectively to older products.

Locate this option at: Infigo admin main menu > MegaEdit Products Settings > Default Product Configuration > Additional Download Support > PDF Quality.

Control over the low-resolution download is available through a separate group of settings. From the Infigo admin area, navigate to: MegaEdit Products Settings > Settings tab > Low-resolution preview download section.


Skip billing address

We have enabled the ability to skip the selection or input of a billing address during the checkout process, if certain conditions are met. Take a look at our short step-by-step guide below to see how to enable this feature.



Bug fixes and general improvements

A selection of fixes and general improvements made to the software in these deployments. This does not constitute a full list!

Please note: From next month, we'll be removing this section in favour of a companion article containing a complete list of release notes. You can find this month's article here.

  • New Department based customer tokens made available to email templates
  • Additional test cases added for additional software robustness
  • Amended the trigger for the "Digital Delivery Output Ready" email to once every hour (instead of once every 6 hours)
  • Fixes made to password reset links
  • Updates made to the Excel product import, ensuring products are only available in categories specified in the Excel sheet (rather than the listed categories and all previously assigned categories.)
  • Updates made to the %Order.Product(s)% token to ensure consistency.
  • Fix made to ensure blog posts with scheduled published dates are appearing in admin under the blog list.
  • Various performance enhancements
  • Fixed issue with missing images in MegaEdit output when layout is changed via scripting on a page not currently viewed.
  • Added support in Invent mex files to apply a different background per page when creating booklets
  • EasyPost tracking URL fixes when viewed in My Orders section
  • Additional instruction added with relation to copy to hotfolder paperwork configuration
  • Changes to ensure that clicking a Product name within the basket takes the user to the Product front-end landing page.
  • Changes implemented to exclude suffixes ("incl" or "excl") for discount fields.
  • Bug in cleanup task resolved
  • Added mappings within the API for various additional properties associated with orders and orderline items
  • Fixes when using Content Templates within Product Attributes
  • Added Cancelled to the print order history status options for orderlines
  • Fixes implemented to ensure orders are not cancelled on Stripe when payment fails
  • Fixed a bug related to Tharstern pre-processing rules being applied too early
  • Modifications made to the cross-sell popup to be mobile friendly
  • Removed PDF resolution validation in MegaEdit
  • Updates made ensuring Metabase and Infigo report consistency
  • Resolved an issue where the order creation date and discount usage date were mismatched by hours.
  • Resolved an issue within the Easypost integration related to using predefined parcels for international shipping
  • Updates to Punchout webhook response based on their latest documentation.
  • Improved Punchout logging
  • Resolved issues with the Budget MegaScript
  • Fixed a null reference problem for additional shipping tax
  • Added possibility for attribute combination based image to be displayed on job tickets

Deployments: R23-43, 45, 47
Deployed: November 2023

See complete release notes for this month


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