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MegaEdit has a number of default scripts available to use.  Here we look at the Prepopulate Data Script and how to apply it to a product.  The script allows you to set a template to autofill with a users Catfish data based on their login info. Examples: Username, email, phone, custom fields 1, 2 and 3. etc

1. To enable this, navigate to Catalog > Product Types > MegaEdit > MegaEdit Products > Edit > Scripts tab



The prepopulate data script is used to populate a dynamic product with some information from the end users' Infigo signup data.

When you have enabled the script there will be a button in the editor marked 'prepopulate data' - this will be greyed out to start with with until you select a text field.

When you have selected a target text field - click the button and you will see a pop up of selections. Please note you can ONLY have 1 selection per field - these do not act as placeholders.


The list of prepopulate data fields are:

Job Id

Product Id

Customer Title

Customer Full Name

Customer First Name

Customer Last Name

Customer Email

Customer Address Line 1

Customer Address Line 2

Customer Street Address

Customer Street Address 2

Customer Date of birth

Customer Gender



Company Name



Fax Number

Mobile Number

Postal Code


Phone number


Selecting any of the above will assign that 'tag' to the field which would look like below:



We also support the custom fields from registration (if enabled), Custom field 1, 2 and 3. (How to enable custom registration fields) To use these fields in your template you need to add a "tag" to a text field and use this tag: prepopulate_Custom1

Once you have completed your setup of fields, save the product default for that product under Menu > Save product default.


To view the data being pulled in successfully you will need to launch a new window and login in as a registered user - you cannot view the data as a storefront admin user even if you emulate user mode.

Example using Job Id:



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