Standard Output Creation Script - MegaEdit

MegaEdit has a number of default scripts avaliable to use (MegaEdit PRO version ONLY).  Here we look at the Standard Output Creation Script and how to apply to a product.

Firstly enable the script against your chosen dynamic product under the dynamic products setup displayed below.Screenshot_2018-01-03_15.07.37.png

This script is used exclusively with custom field types (e.g Barcode fields etc) when you need this script to create a job server side (not using the editor). The script would be used to update a custom field's appearance before the output creation process starts, like for example if you were using a barcode field and you need the barcode to update with information you had set it for.

In general a normal MegaEdit product will not require this script to be used - It is only used in certain circumstances.  Any questions regarding the use of this script then please consult the helpdesk with your workflow scenario.

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