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Infigo supports a feature which allows your users to upload their own print-ready artwork (in PDF format) and have an output created through your storefront.

To configure this, you will need to create a new product under Admin > Catalogue > Products > Product Management and then navigate to Catalogue > Product Types > Multi Part Products.

This page will display a table of your multipart products, of which I have already created two, as well as provide you with the Add New button used to create new multipart products, as seen in the screenshot below.



From here, you will need to click Add New and select your product from the dropdown provided. The dropdown is sorted in chronological order, so your most recently created product should appear at the very bottom.

Once you have selected your product, ensure that Create a user upload product is ticked, and then click Create a new Multi Part Product

This will redirect you to the previous page, however the table will now be populated with your newly created product. If you click the Edit button which corresponds to your product, you can set a price per page, which will add an additional cost for each page of the uploaded PDF.

Please note that this cost is added on top of the product's cost.

Now when the user goes the landing page, instead of being able to add the product to the basket, they will see a Start button.



Once they click Start, they will be taken to the multipart upload UI. From here, they can either click Upload and use the file browser to find their print-ready artwork to be uploaded this way, or they can simply drag their artwork from the folder to the upload section.



As you can see, you can set a maximum file size for your PDF uploads. This size can be changed by navigating to Admin > Configuration > Settings > Product and Editor Settings > Infigo Settings and changing the value of 

Once you have uploaded a PDF which meets the size requirements, you can see a preview of the PDF and have the option of either:

  1. Uploading a different PDF
  2. Going through to the output preview


From the preview, you are able to either navigate back to the editor, or add the product to the basket, as seen below.


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