Dynamic Upload - MegaEdit

Infigo supports the ability to upload print-ready artwork through our MegaEdit upload UI, allowing your users to create outputs which have a canvas that perfectly fits their artwork.

1. You will first need to set up a dynamic product. Please see this article explaining how to do so. 

2. Once you have created your dynamic product, you will need to create a dynamic canvas. Please see this article explaining what a dynamic canvas is and how to configure one - make sure to assign your dynamic canvas to this product.

3. Now that you have set your product up, you will need to open that Product in Product Management and click Edit.

4. Click on MegaEdit Config and scroll down to the Upload UI section. Tick (enable) 'Use Upload UI' as seen in the screenshot below. 

If you do not see this setting please raise a support ticket and ask for this to be enabled for you.


Our UI has native support for uploading PDFs, PNGs, JPGs and TIFF's.

Convert Image to PDF on Upload, this setting is ONLY required when you are using our Enfocus preflight module - where you run a .PPP file against a product. Please contact your sales rep for details on the cost of this module.

If you cannot see this setting, please contact support and we will enable this feature for you.


Next Steps

5. Now that you have enabled this setting when you click Start on the product's landing page: 

...you will no longer be loaded into the editor, and you will instead see the following page:


As you can see, you are shown the minimum page dimensions, the page limit, the number of pages they have already uploaded, as well as how many pages they need to upload to meet the minimum page requirements (this can be set in the dynamic product's properties).

Please note that to support uploading multi-page PDFs, you must enable the setting MediaSupportMultiplePages which you will find in Admin under Media Album Settings.


6. You can either click on the upload field and use the file browser or you can drag and drop the file. Both of these actions will upload the artwork and generate a preview, as seen in the screenshot below.

You can see that the price will automatically calculate and be displayed (if you have configured this for the stock you have assigned to this product). You will also be able to see the name of the uploaded PDF, as well as the dimensions of the PDF which directly correlate to the size the dynamic canvas has adjusted to.


Please note: If the artwork does not fit within the minimum and maximum ranges, the canvas will shrink/grow to accommodate the artwork as well as it can, and any overlap in the artwork will be handled by either cropping any overlap for the artwork or filling the blank space with the stock colour/pattern.

At this stage, you have the following possible actions:

  1. Upload one or more PDF(s) until you reach the maximum number of pages for this product.
  2. Save the project for later (if this setting is enabled).
  3. Click Edit in full editor - this will launch the product in the MegaEdit editor and will allow the user to make changes on top of their uploaded artwork. This feature can be enabled or disabled through the setting Allow full editor in Upload UI in the dynamic product's Product Properties.
  4. Click Show Preview to generate a MegaEdit preview on this page, allowing them to see what their output artwork will look like.
  5. Add the product to the basket.
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