Bullet points in Megaedit

MegaEdit supports dynamic bullet points that can be a text character or an image. (Blue square example shown below is an image .png file)


To set these up you will need to tick the bullet point script under scripts (MegaEdit PRO users) when assigning the products dynamic components [Img.1]. Then using a config against the script apply various settings. The text field you want to use the bullets with is required to have a tag applied to it for the script to initiate. The tag is “bulletpointlist” (see Text options image below [Img.2])





The bullets will appear on the left hand-side of the chosen text field when a line return is registered for that line of text once you have clicked focus away from the text field using bullets.


Please note: Bullets will be displayed outside of the text field - you maybe required to adjust the positioning of your text field to suit any page formatting.

Example config:

mode: "image",
{ clipartAlbum: “ClipartAlbumName”, clipartName: “ClipArtName” }

{ x: -10, y: 10, width: 4, height: 4}

{ font: “FontName”, fontSize: null, color: "#3affef", character: "•" }


You need to decide which mode you wish to use, an image or a text character, and change the mode setting in at the top of the config.

Mode: “image” will reference an image from a clipart category, you must specify the clipart album name first then the name of the image file to use, do not include the file type (.jpg / .png etc) and ensure the catergory and file names are exact named matches, including any capital letters etc.

Mode: “text” will reference a character using a specified font name, font size (pts), colour (use hex #------ or CMYK using c:m:y:k eg. 8:44:56:9) and text character (you must ensure the character to be used is within the chosen fonts glyph set)

Position: x and y measurement is how far from the text field you wish to position the bullets

Position: Width and height - this is the size of the image field (in pts) that will display the image or text character.

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