How to create a Pack / Kit Custom Product

Kit Custom or Pack products can be used to push all associated products to basket which is triggered by ordering the Kit Custom product. To create one first you will need to have all of the products in the pack set up, when they are selected as part of the pack they will still retain their individual configurations (stock values, min-max basket quantities and pricing chiefly). This means that if one of the products has a minimum quantity of 40 assigned, then the user must order the custom product with a quantity of 40 or more.

Once the products are set up how you would prefer (as part of the pack product) you can create the Kit Custom Product by navigating to Catfish > Infigo Variable Data > Custom Products > Add New and select the type (in this case "KitCustomProduct") and the Product Variant which is the Kit Custom Product you will use to push the rest of the products to basket. After both of these have been chosen and you have selected the button to add the new custom product you will be taken to the page to select the products in the kit

Move all products you wish to assign to the Kit Custom Product from the 'Available' column to the 'Assigned' column and save using the blue button on the right-hand side of the page. Then when you clear cache and go to the Kit Custom Product on your storefront you will see the 'Assigned' products listed on the landing page;

Adding this product to basket will push you to the basket page with all products assigned to the Kit Custom Product in the basket in their set minimum quantities;

*PLEASE NOTE* If you cannot access Catfish > Infigo Variable Data > Custom Products please raise a ticket with Support to get access

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