CSV customer upload including multiple address upload

The aim of the document is to demonstrate the functionality to allow users to be created by CSV upload with multiple addresses.

Catfish allows users to be created individually or in batch by uploading a file containing their information in .csv format which then fills the information for each record in by using a delimiter (usually a comma, can be checked when saving the file) to direct each bit of information to the right place.

Batch uploading users can be achieved by creating a CSV file with at least the required fields, field requirement (shown below) and the upload area can be found at Customer > Customers > CSV Import tab.


You can now add multiple addresses to the CSV upload. This can be achieved by changing the address field in the CSV upload to include the ending of _1 for all sections of the the first address and _2 for all sections of the second, this allows the system to bind all areas of address together and ensure they are displayed correctly.

If your newly uploaded accounts do not immediately appear in your Customer > Customers section then you may need to a) Check the CSV Import tab for a CSV for failed records or b) clear your storefront cache using the link in the top-right hand corner of the page

Please see attached example of CSV upload:

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