How to Register Users using Batch CSV Upload

Catfish allows users to be created individually or in batch by uploading a file containing their information in .csv format which then fills the information for each record in by using a delimiter (usually a comma, can be checked when saving the file) to direct each bit of information to the right place.

Batch uploading users can be achieved by creating a CSV file with at least the required fields, field requirement (shown below) and the upload area can be found at Customer > Customers > CSV Import tab.

A common issue with uploading users via CSV is that errors can be thrown due to empty fields being used, if you download the template file attached to this article and fill out with all of the user information you have, you can add or remove columns as required. If there are any that are not required then you can remove them.

Another common issue with batch upload is that creating a customer in Catfish (single or batch) creates an entry with a unique identifier (Username or Email Address dependent on whether usernames are enabled) which means the entry will already exist in the database and caanot be duplicated. If some records fail or if you download the failed CSV from the CSV Import tab and it shows the error 'Username already exists' then you will need to raise with the Support team to have the entry removed from the database.

If your newly uploaded accounts do not immediately appear in your Customer > Customers section then you may need to a) Check the CSV Import tab for a CSV for failed records or b) clear your storefront cache using the link in the top-right hand corner of the page

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