Reward Points

Catfish has the ability to use a 'Reward Points' system which rewards customers on your site with money off on their future purchases.

The settings can be found in Admin -> Configuration -> Settings -> Reward Points 


Here you will find the following settings:


This checkbox is used to enable or disable the Reward Points feature on this storefront.

Exchange Rate

This is where you can choose the conversion rate from reward points to currency. This can be set to any number you wish.

Points for Registration

You can use this to reward your customers any number of reward points for registering an account with your storefront.

Points for Purchases

This is where you can set the amount of reward points awarded for how much is spent. The default is every £10.00 spent earns 1 reward point.

Awarded order status

This dropdown allows you to choose at which stage of the order the points are awarded. Your choices are:

  • Pending
  • Processing
  • Complete
  • Cancelled

Cancelled order status

This dropdown allows you to choose at which stage of order cancellation the reward points are cancelled. Your choices are the same as for the Awarded order status dropdown.

Checking your reward points

You can check your reward points by visiting your profile and navigating to the Reward Points section of My account. Here you will not only be able to view your current reward point balance, but also how much that equates to as well as a history of your reward point transactions.


Spending your reward points

To spend your reward points, all you need to do is check the "Use my reward points" box during the fourth checkout stage, "Payment Method" 


Manually editing reward points

It is also possible to manually add/subtract reward points to an individual customer along with a note explaining why.

To do this you need to navigate to Admin -> Customers -> Customers then click on the email of the customer whose reward points you wish to increase/decrease.

If you have reward points enabled, you will see a tab labelled "Reward Points". 

Select this tab and you will see a list of all of that customer's reward point transactions as well as having the option to add reward points. If you wish to subtract reward points then you need to put a "-" before the reward point value, as seen in the demonstration below.


Once you have entered the number of reward points you wish to add/subtract you can choose to enter a message explaining your reason for doing so. The final step is to click "Add reward points" and the customer's reward points will be updated and a new transaction will be added to their transaction history.

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