Setting up Generic MIS Plugin

First ensure it is enabled for the platform in Catfish > Other > MIS > Plugins. If there are no entries please raise with Alex. Once it is go to Catfish > Other > MIS > Plugins and you will see the below setup on the page

Click Configure and on the next page check the highlighted box 'Use Data Format Xml'. Note, if the output XML is going to use XSLT styling then this can be ignored (XSLT settings and resources are at the end of the page)

Next enter the ID of the hotfolder the XML will be downloaded to. IDs and their correspondent folders will be visible within the highlighted area (though the example storefront does not currently have any configured). Once this configuration is saved you will have set the basic configuration for the plugin.

The other fields in the above screenshot are usable and have their own descriptions, however ideally the requirements for advanced configurations would have already been discussed and specified before the configuration is implemented and you should have any necessary information. If not then double-check the required info with a developer and make a request for the information to the client.

To enable the Generic MIS plugin go to Catfish > Other > MIS > Mis Settings and use the dropdown to enable the plugin, see below;

If all of these settings are enabled and you have used the tip below to confirm the XML is being generated on Catfish but is not downloading to your instance of Catfish Sync please go to the storefront and enter "/status" on the end of the address ( - please raise a ticket with Support citing this article and detailing which server you are on so we can send you the address you will need to add to your firewall exception list


*TIP* Use Verbose Logging to troubleshoot the configuration, when it is turned on the XML journey and content are listed as log entries in System > Log > Background Tasks (though you can only access this if you are logged in to your Platform Admin account)

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