Integrating with Depositphotos

In order to set up the Depositphotos plugin you will first need to contact the Support desk for initial configuration details. Once this has been confirmed follow the steps below,

To set up the Depositphotos API go to Catfish > Media > Media Album Settings and scroll down to 'Installed Image Plugins'. Tick the checkbox next to the 'depositphotos' entry (see screenshot). Leave the 'Configuration' text box blank 

Then (on the same page) go to the Image Source Plugins tab and click 'Configure' next to the 'DEPOSITPHOTOS' entry. You will then be directed to the page shown below;

Once these have been filled in click the blue 'Save' button at the top of the page and check the configuration by navigating to a MegaEdit product. Once the editor loads you can use the plugin by going to Add Files > Create New Album [New Album Name] and click Start (see screenshot)

The album will then be created under the specified name and the next popup will allow you to source your images for that album from the configured options:

When you select Depositphotos you will be directed to a search page where you can query their online library

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